Should You Take Your Marijuana Company Public?

December 15, 2017
In 2016, I saw major marijuana consolidation on the horizon nationwide in the recreational marijuana industry and definitely in Oregon.  Why should four different Oregon cannabis companies have four different delivery drivers, managers, CEOs, CFOs, etc.?  Why buy supplies separately when you could pool the buying power of a consolidated powerhouse?  Consolidation decreases duplicative inefficiencies and ultimately the consumer wins with lower prices.
Also, why should a cannabis company have to learn from scratch delivery logistics when there is an alcohol distributor in every town that already knows how to sling psychoactive organic chemicals made by plants and is already servicing state liquor licensees.

Liquor Will Consume Cannabis

I predict that after the regional alcohol distributor mergers settle down a bit, they will quickly turn their sites on marijuana.  It will likely be non-public, closely hold alcohol beverage distribution corporations rather than publicly traded alcohol companies.  They will be more likely to be the first Wall Street acquisition of Weed Street companies.  Alcohol will likely do it before Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, or Big Ag.  Then in the next twenty years you could ironically see some strange acquisitions of Big Ag and Big Pharma as the new monster companies take over the world.  The future could be ETOH-THC post-acquisition powerhouses ruling the corporate world.  What do you think? Comment below. (This ended up being prophetic with Constellation Beverage’s Move) 
Another possibility is that the big marijuana players of Canada and the US West Coast will quickly consolidate over the next 18 months and WEED WILL ACQUIRE ALCOHOL thereafter, picking off a few distributors here and there and then continuing to merge.
Mike at a One Gro farm with his parents
Guess what this could mean: It is possible that Big Weed becomes bigger than anything else as alcohol loses consumer dollars everyday to new cannabis consumers looking for a healthier lifestyle or opiate users switching to THC at a huge loss to Big Pharma.  The future is exciting to speculate about and will be even more exciting to live through and be part of.   The next Apple or Microsoft or Google or Nike exists out there somewhere in cannabis land.  There is someone you’ve never heard of before that will be the first Mark Zuckerman of cannabis. I love this industry!

Forward Looking Statements

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