FREE KCMO Pre-Election Farming/Biz Seminar for Operators & Investors

Saturday and Sunday at the KCI Expo Center next to the Gun Show.
Tickets Available now on Eventbrite FREE.

KANSAS CITY, MO – Mike Arnold is pleased to announce that he and Jessica Anderson of Natural Wellness on North Oak near Aldi (in Gladstone) are hosting a comprehensive pre-election industry seminar Friday, October 26th to Sunday the 28th. Co-host Victory Garden brand is underwriting the tickets.

“Kansas has a new crop to farm next year and the prices per acre are dwarfing what farmers can currently do with their row-crop acreage.”

It’s now time for Mike to continue educating his hometown on how to capitalize on this emerging market before the East and West Coast carpetbaggers try to get their piece of the Midwest agricultural birthright. He will explain the essential knowledge and common missteps.


With three Missouri initiatives on the ballot in November, now is the time to plan for your family farm’s future or to plan your investment and operations strategies. Mike is hoping to help MO be ready to roll by 2019.  Let’s not forget that Kansas growing in 2019, so now is the time to purchase seed! There will be hundreds of thousands of acres being cultivated next year, so don’t wait! Scaling any product is difficult, particularly a “new” one to an area (or at least new to a generation of farmers).  However, it is possible with prior proper planning.

Mike is an experienced entrepreneur and has built several successful businesses from the ground up. He started his own law firm and worked on several high-profile cases attracting national attention before following his dreams of becoming a farmer. His seminar will include the backstory on how this KCMO boy quit the practice of law at the peak of his career to pivot into this new industry.  Click on the home page of this site for curated press coverage of Mike’s nationally-publicized cases.


The seminar will cover many different aspects of the industry:

  • Farming at scale in Kansas in 2019
  • Greenhouse, lights and outdoor farming (not gardening)
  • Harvesting/Drying facilities
  • Startup costs
  • Storage/Distribution
  • Legal aspects
  • Networking
  • Trade skills that are needed or useful
  • Location and real estate
  • Quality of product
  • Types of product available for production
  • Production facilities for different needs



Mike Arnold