About Mike Arnold

Mike is a retired attorney, cannabis entrepreneur and former large-scale cannabis farm operator.

Mike is experienced in jury trials & complex criminal & civil litigation involving multiple parties & witnesses, voluminous discovery, expert witnesses, & high stakes. He was managing partner of Arnold Law for 10 years & was the chief trial lawyer of the firm until he departed in June 2017. Mike’s leadership brought a two-attorney law firm into the powerhouse it is today.

Mike is also the author of Finishing Machine, a book about a client accused of murdering an unarmed man (a must read for anyone wishing to get a firsthand look at courthouse politics).

He also has a steady presence in national media including a CBS 48 Hours episode entitled “Trail of Tears” (watch the full episode) & his high-profile public response to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Occupation through his representation of Ammon Bundy. (Read The Atlantic, “The Nobility of Good Lawyers with Bad Clients“). Mike gained notoriety as an attorney when he stood on the courthouse steps as Ammon Bundy’s attorney & told the remaining occupiers of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge to “please stand down.” In the aftermath of the standoff he was credited with assisting in negotiating a peaceful resolution for the remaining four protester holdouts.

Mike Arnold on the steps of the federal courthouse, Portland. 01.27.2016

Mike has also represented businesses in trade secrets and breach of fiduciary duty cases and hosted cannabis and hemp seminars for thousands in his home state of Missouri to educate potential start-up management teams and employees on corporate governance, scaled-up farming, and seed-to-sale cannabis and hemp.

In 2017, Mike founded an Oregon cannabis startup & raised over $2M of investor money in less than 4 months from inception. He utilized his unique brand of strategic thinking, his traditional Midwest farming skills & his legal knowledge to position that enterprise as “big ag” meets “big pharma” by quickly becoming one of the largest farm conglomerates in Oregon while also building a strong executive team with deep roots in traditional businesses & agronomy.

In 2018, he founded a private equity company with positions in hemp/CBD, medical cannabis, and psilocybin/DMT/mescaline I.P.