Attorney Mike Arnold Wins 14-Minute Eugene Not Guilty Commercial Driver’s License DUII Verdict

04.08.2015 – Mike Arnold Won a 0.09% BAC CDL DUII jury trial in Lane County Circuit Court.

It was critical for Eugene DUI lawyer Mike Arnold to win the jury trial from their client’s perspective. A man in his late thirties who had never been stopped for DUII before had his Commercial Driver’s License and truck driving job on the line. He would have been eligible for the DUII diversion program but for his CDL, which due to federal law precludes CDL holders from completing the diversion program even if the stop did not involve a commercial vehicle.

He was stopped by a Eugene Police Officer who is one of the state’s top DUII investigators. The officer had won Oregon Best “DUII Officer of the Year” twice before and is generally recognized as the best DUII investigator in Lane County.

The case involved a traffic infraction followed by a roadside interview and field sobriety tests. The driving, stop, and entire roadside investigation, including the FSTs, were audio and video recorded for the jury to see. The officer claimed that the client failed the field sobriety tests.

After hearing almost two days of testimony, the prosecutor and Mike gave the jury the closing arguments. It was close to 5:00 when the jury went out to deliberate and the Judge, the Honorable Jay McAlpin, gave the jury permission to stay past 5:00 p.m. or return the following day, at their discretion.

Fourteen minutes later a smiling jury came back with a unanimous not-guilty verdict.

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