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Welcome to our Jamaica retreats, established in 2018 by an Oregon lawyer committed to personal growth, safety, and accountability. Our retreats stand out for their dedication to providing a transformative experience in a secure and transparent environment.

At our retreats, we help you address the challenges of modern life by fostering a supportive atmosphere, combining holistic wellness practices with evidence-based approaches that promote self-discovery and personal growth. As a publicly traded company, we are subject to stringent legal and fiduciary obligations, ensuring your safety and trust.

Our professional team, including a pharmacologist, ensures accuracy in our protocols, while our media recognition from CNN, Washington Post, Forbes, and Buzzfeed adds credibility to our retreats.

Embark on a life-changing journey with us and uncover your inner healer. Explore our retreat offerings and take the first step towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Text or call 541-900-5871.

Dear retreat guests,

I founded Silo Wellness in Oregon back in 2018 after experiencing the power of natural tools to transform our minds.

Through my journey, I discovered the potential for achieving a quiet mind, filled with peace and joy. I realized I could control my thoughts, words, and actions, and that the only thing truly within my control is my reaction to things.

This realization changed my life and led to the birth of Silo Wellness. Our mission ever since has been to safely provide you with the tools you may need to heal yourself.

We aim to meet clients right where they are, in a respectful way that honors their backgrounds and traditions. We're not selling miracles; your existence and your life are the miracles. Our goal is to offer an alternative way of thinking through a transformative retreat in a setting of natural beauty.

At Silo Wellness, we strive to provide you with a safe and beautiful environment where guests may connect to their inner selves in a serene, natural setting. We hope that at our retreat, you have an opportunity to see things in a new and more positive light and find the answers you deserve.

We are truly blessed that you would consider allowing us the honor to walk along with you on this journey. Rest assured, we take this honor and responsibility very seriously.