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Mike Arnold is a trial lawyers first; from experience and his network, he often knows what is likely to happen in Oregon county courts. This helps you settle your case effectively. Mike advises clients and co-counsel in all forms of custody cases, including traditional cases involving both parents as well as cases involving grandparents’ rights or father’s rights.

Oregon attorney Mike Arnold arguing in court.

A child custody case is all about what is in the best interests of the child or children. There is no Oregon statutory preference between mother and father. Facts are what matter.  Investigations govern facts. Trial advocacy proves facts. We are trial lawyers who strive to achieve fair a settlement for our client by working hard and honestly assessing the case for our clients.  We want to avoid surprises in the facts and surprises in the outcome.

Child Custody Modifications

In order to change custody in Oregon, a parent must prove a substantial change in circumstances based an any numerous facts. However, this is a high burden in order to protect the stability of the child. A parent may disrupt visitation for the other parent or attempt to alienate you from your child. Sometimes the other parent does something to make you worry about the child’s safety or well-being. This is a very heavy burden for the parent trying to change custody. Trial lawyer Mike Arnold is experienced in defending and proving child custody modification cases.

Oregon Family Law Lawyer

Children deserve trial lawyers representing parents.

Our goal for every client is to make them a former client as quickly and inexpensively as possible. In other words, we want you to resolve your case to your satisfaction with as little expense as possible. The way we do that is by preparing your case from the first day as if we were heading to trial. That gives you the upper hand in negotiating a settlement to bring your case to an end quickly. By preparing your child custody case in this manner, you not only know your case strengths but you know its weaknesses as well, and thus the risks of trial. It is our experience that when you know more about your case than your opponents do, our clients often get the better end of the bargain. And if your custody case does not settle, we are well ahead of the game for trial.

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