Visitation and Parenting Time Modifications in Eugene, Oregon

Parenting time schedules or plans are easier to modify than custody. In modifying child custody in Oregon, the court first expects the moving party to prove a substantial change in circumstances before the judge considers the best interest of the child. Whereas in a visitation modification case in Oregon, only the best interests of the child or children are considered by the judge. In fact parenting time schedules and plans may need modification quite frequently as the child gets older or as the situations in the life of parents change.

Modifying Child Support at the Same Time

Parents should always bear in mind that if the schedule of the visits with their children are increased or decreased it is likely to affect the child support.

Moving out of County: Medium-Distance & Long Distance Parenting Plans

Generally parenting plans need modification as life goes on. If your job or new spouse’s job takes you out of Lane County, your Oregon parenting plan will need to be modified. Several options can be worked out to deal with these changes. In one way, if you are still in the state of Oregon, then you and the other parent can meet halfway to exchange the child. Or another way can be that the parent who moves away does all the driving; or each parent agrees to pick up the child from another.

Children and Parents Both Deserve Quality Parenting Time

If a parent is moving out of state, having a longer block in the summer is important. Also, you can have parenting time any time you are back in the state of Oregon. In such a situation giving the other parent fourteen days written notice can become mandatory.

Take a look at some sample parenting plans online before consulting with an experienced Oregon parenting time lawyer. Some good examples of parenting plans in Oregon can be found here:

Settlement vs. Trial

Oregon lawyer Mike Arnold is dedicated to settle every parenting time case amicably so that each parent and the child are able to live a happy life. Since Mike has managed multiple family law lawyers over the years, he is often well situated to advise on the possible outcomes of your case if it goes to trial.

Without the practical experience of trying cases in the courtroom, it is quite impossible for an attorney to guide you appropriately regarding settlement possibilities in terms of what can happen in the courtroom. Before you finalize a lawyer to avail his services, ask them about the number of family cases they try each month or year in the court.

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