Attorney Wins Newport, Oregon, Criminal Defense Trial

01.01.2015 – Oregon criminal defense lawyer Mike Arnold won a New Year’s Eve criminal trial victory when a Lincoln County jury came back after only 12 minutes of jury deliberations with a not guilty verdict.

Attorney Mike Arnold talks to juries statewide, including the Oregon Coast

The Newport, Oregon, client was charged with domestic violence Assault IV. He was accused of attacking his 18-year-old stepson with a dangerous weapon by slamming his head against a pick-up truck mirror, breaking the mirror. This confrontation occurred in front of the alleged victim’s friend. Both testified about the assault. The defendant did not testify.

Mike brutally cross-examined the accuser until he, according to the district attorney, “cracked.” Mike specializes in exposing exaggerations and lies through the crucible of cross-examination.

The jury ultimately must have concluded that the arrogant accuser had it coming and found the criminal defendant not guilty.

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