Mike Arnold in the News

Mike’s disruptive strategic planning and tendency to jump into the middle of conflict and controversy (if the cause is right) often puts him in the spotlight. Here’s a list of curated news articles.

Mike as an Influencer

  1. 13K+ followers on Facebook
  2. Book Author:
    1. Amazon Author Page
    2. Finishing Machine: Was It Road Rage Murder or Self-Defense? A Trained Killer’s Fight for Justice (professionally produced Audio book available)
    3. Inadmissible Science: Polygraphs in Court.
    4. Mike’s Book Banned by Oregon Department of Corrections – “Prisons ban book by local attorneys,” Eugene Register-Guard.

CBS 48 Hours

  1. Trail of Tears – CBS 48 Hours (full online 2016 Episode that he’s featured prominently in): Eagle Creek Cliff Murder. See him in court.
  2. 2018 Conclusion to 48 Hours saga – “Mystery at Eagle Creek”  – See Mike driving his little tractor.

Oregon Standoff/Ammon Bundy

  1. Eugene Register Guard: Politician credits lawyer in standoff Nevada’s Michele Fiore says Eugene’s Mike Arnold “truly is a hero”
  2. Washington Post – Getting to Hallelujah: The frantic final hours of the Oregon refuge occupation
  3. The Atlantic – “The Nobility of Good Lawyers With Bad Clients.” The armed standoff in Burns, Oregon, is a perfect case study for why all defendants need excellent representation—and why the current criminal-justice state is no panacea
  4. Mike at his snarkiest using his First Amendment rights to protect a client – Daily Astorian: Bundy lawyers fire back at Marquis: Arnold called Marquis’ complaint with the state bar “frivolous.” “Only a narcissist could possibly conceive that two lawyers from Eugene could influence the jury pool in a case this big with this much coverage and national interest,” he said in an email. “We just don’t exude that sort of influence. Our constitutionally protected words are a drop in the bucket compared to the negative publicity against Ammon.”
  5. OPB/NPR: “Oregon State Bar Dismisses Final Complaint Against Former Bundy Attorney.” This case has been discussed as a prelude for attorneys becoming increasingly brave that their free speech rights and advocacy duties preempt “white shoed” and archaic lawyer publicity rules.
  6. Mike’s 1/29/2016 – Press Conference – Mike picking on the FBI and US Attorney’s trying to save lives at the refuge at a press conference. Within an hour of that press conference, Mike’s unlisted cell phone rang and it was the FBI asking for assistance in facilitating an end to the standoff. A handy trick for a very private and unlisted attorney cell phone number.