Oregon Dog Bite Lawyer | Personal Injury Eugene

Eugene personal injury lawyer Mike Arnold has assisted clients with negligent dog and animal bites. The typical case involves a dog owner who has actual knowledge of the aggressiveness of their dog. The dog in the past will have typically been growling aggressively or have actually bitten prior victims.

Dog bite cases require the personal injury lawyer to complete an investigation very quickly after the incident.

A qualified Oregon dog bite lawyer should typically immediately start an investigation and attempt to interview the owner and neighbors. The investigation is centered on the bite and aggression history of the animal and whether the dog owner has insurance.

The insurance investigation is critical when the dog bite occurred at a public place. Many people, such as renters, do not have liability insurance to cover their negligence. If that’s the case, it is often not prudent or cost-effective to seek damages against them, sadly.

If they are a homeowner, they almost always will have insurance unless they are violating their home mortgage contract.

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