Oregon Real Estate Litigation Lawyers

Trial lawyer Mike Arnold is based in Eugene, Oregon, and “travels” (most things are video/phone post-COVID) Oregon-wide. Mike has a multi-dimensional approach to real estate litigation.  he has actual jury trial experience to help you make the necessary choices for a real estate lawsuit (i.e., suits in equity with a judge/bench trials versus legal suits with jury trials, such as trespass).

An experienced Oregon lawyer knows it is necessary to ask the right questions, which are critical. For instance it is very important to recognize what Oregon experts are necessary to prove or defend your case (i.e., surveyors, engineers, arborists, timber cruisers, etc.).

Our firm has experience in Oregon real estate disputes, ranging from property line issues, easement disputes, timber trespass, and much more.

Best Attorney Practices in Oregon Real Estate Litigation

Typically, the best practices in a border dispute case call for hiring a surveyor early on, even before a lawsuit is filed. The last thing you want to do is go into litigation mode and not know exactly where the property ends, the easement is located, etc.

Regarding a timber suit, you do not want to rely on a client’s estimate of the value alone. You should immediately hire a timber cruiser or appraiser with specialty in timber values — and make sure it is updated before trial consistent with market trends.

And always read the paperwork with a fine-tooth comb. What does the easement or deed actually say? Go back to the basics with every case.

Understanding Rural Oregon Real Estate Litigation Disputes

Mike with the kids on the tractor teaching some real-life rural property lessons.

Mike Arnold understands the issues involved in rural property disputes having lived on a farm for a number of years raising cattle, hogs, etc.

Rural Oregon real estate have some unique issues. Here are some examples we have seen over the years:

  • Shared maintenance on easement roadway
  • Improper use of easement
  • Speeding on shared roadway
  • Fence in wrong location
  • Livestock trespass
  • Redirecting water runoff
  • Adverse possession

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