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Slip and fall or dangerous premises attorneys handle some of the toughest personal injury cases due to how difficult it is to prove. The premise is this: every individual has responsibility for keeping himself safe and watching where they are going. However, dangerous property cases are some of the most important to society, because the threat of a potential claim is what motivates many property owners to maintain their property in a safe condition. Go to foreign countries without a strong tort lawyer system and see how reckless property conditions can be and imagine the impact that has on society with unnecessary injuries.

Mike with expert witnesses on the edge of a cliff in a fall fatality in Hood River County, Oregon (as seen on CBS 48 Hours).

Under Oregon law, a property owner or property manager has a duty to prevent hidden hazards or warn the public of such hazards. They also have a duty to inspect the property at reasonable intervals. Some exaggerated examples of all three follow:

  • Hidden hazard: a big hole covered by a tarp covered by dirt in the middle of a path. Obviously this would be actionable.
  • Failure to warn: if you know about a hole in a pathway and fail to mark it with yellow paint or otherwise warn passersby.
  • Duty to inspect: wet floors at grocery stores are the common example. Just because the floor is wet doesn’t mean they are liable. If someone dropped a freshly sprayed lettuce head and then you slip on the wet floor one minute later, the store is probably not liable. This is because it is not reasonable to expect a store to inspect their floors at 30-second intervals. Most big chain stores have inspection log books where they log in the inspections at specified intervals of time. They do this to defend against claims of an unreasonable delay in inspection.

Mike Arnold is an experienced personal injury lawyer who actually trial cases to juries. When you hire him, you hire a litigation team. He know trials, so he knows how to best prepare your case for an effective settlement.

Rhonda Casto Oregon Slip and Fall vs. Murder Case

In fact, Mike had one of the most notorious and most highly publicized slip and fall cases in Oregon history. He was tasked with proving that a fall occurred on a cliff on the Eagle Creek trial in the death of Rhonda Casto. This case was featured on CBS 48 Hours. It was the theory of the State of Oregon that Ms. Casto was pushed by Mike’s client. That turned out to defy common sense and reason…and physics. You can watch Mike fight the experts in court in this video.

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