Fundraising for Vince Lucasta – Johnson Couny Kansas

12/29/2020 – Attorney Mike Arnold is organizing this fundraiser pro bono (please reference “Lucasta” in the payment detail) at the request of Vince.

Vince Lucasta of Kansas City (Northland), Missouri, is accused of murder in a bloody stabbing case in the Kansas City, Kansas area. Vince’s case is pending trial after the prosecution previously caused a mistrial. Consequently, he had to pay his attorney again and Vince is requesting funds for expert witnesses.  

Vince Lucasta maintains his innocence and is raising $1500 to $3,000 for expert witnesses for a second trial.

This is a real true crime “whodunit.” In a jailhouse phone interview Vince pleads his case for assistance and discusses: the purported evidence against him; the eyewitness who identified someone else; the errors in the investigation; need for expert witnesses; denial of constitutional rights because of COVID, how he’s passing his time after seeing his THIRD THANKSGIVING and THIRD CHRISTMAS behind bars WHILE PRESUMED INNOCOCENT.

Listen to Vince discuss the charges, his life in custody during COVID, and government overreach.

The State alleges the murder of a convicted sex offender with a motive relating to a purported rumor of the victim having been suspected of abusing children, which came out at Vince’s first trial. The possibility of the victim’s cartel involvement was also discussed at the preliminary hearing.

Vince opted to tell his story while in custody, utilizing the power of the First Amendment to help ensure his Sixth Amendment rights to a fair trial. Please consider donating a few dollars to assist in paying for expert witnesses in his second trial.

Also, please write him. Imagine quarantining with the jail’s finest:

Vincenzo Lucasta #066153
101 N. Kansas Ave.
Olathe, KS 66061

Any money donated goes into Oregon attorney Mike Arnold’s trust account to be provided to Vince’s Kansas trial attorney for legal defense costs. Any unused funds would presumably be distributed to Vince if any. Mike Arnold is assisting Vince pro bono in his fundraising efforts and will not be appearing in court in the Kansas case.