Welcome to the Oregon Law Office of Mike Arnold, specializing in high-stakes and high-profile criminal defense, complex commercial/business, and high-conflict civil litigation across Oregon.

Family Law Practice Aera’s:

·        Divorce

o High-Asset Divorce in Oregon

·    Child Custody

o   Understanding Child Custody Laws in Oregon

o   Parental Alienation and Child Custody in Oregon

o   Custody Modifications and Enforcement in Oregon

o   Visitation Agreements in Oregon

o   Emergency Child Custody Actions in Oregon

o   Relocation Agreement / Orders in Oregon

o   Custody Evaluations and Assessments in Oregon

o   Child Custody for Unmarried Parents in Oregon

· Dealing with High-Conflict Situations

       o   Strategies for Dealing with Parental Alienation

       o   Protecting Your Rights: Legal Options in Face of Parental Alienation

       o Identifying and Dealing with Difficult Personalities

       o  Identifying a Narcissist: Signs and Symptoms

       o Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and

       o Dealing with Deception

       o False Accusers  


Oregon Lawyer Practice Areas

We are trial lawyers specializing in exposing liars and protecting clients from overreach and oppression. Our attorneys travel or appear virtually across Oregon:

  • Eugene/Lane County
  • Southern Oregon (Grants Pass, Medford)
  • Salem/Marion County
  • Statewide 

Our practice areas include:

  • Criminal Defense
    • false accusations
    • sentencing mitigation
    • expungements
    • felony reductions to misdos
  • Commercial Litigation (business disputes)
  • Civil Litigation
    • stalking protective orders
    • personal injury
    • real property disputes

Learn about our offerings on our Civil and Criminal Services Pages.

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