Marijuana and Controlled Substances Defense Lawyer

In a notable case, Oregon attorney Mike Arnold was involved in representing a client, charged in a complex case associated with the transportation of hemp and marijuana across state lines.

Our client, a stakeholder in a hemp company, found himself in an intricate legal scenario when a shipment his company had dispatched was intercepted by law enforcement. The driver of the delivery vehicle was stopped due to minor traffic violations, leading to an investigation that brought our client into the legal crosshairs.

Oregon law stipulates that the combined concentration of THC Delta-9 and THCA in hemp should not exceed 0.3%. While our client maintained that the product complied with this requirement, some strains in the intercepted shipment were reported to have slightly higher levels.

The client, charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana, retained our services. Our firm promptly responded, filing a notice of representation and thoroughly reviewing discovery materials.

Shortly after our engagement, the charges against our client were dismissed in open court during the arraignment. While the reasons for the dismissal were not explicitly stated by the District Attorney, the swift conclusion of the case highlighted the importance of timely, expert legal representation.

This case underscores the complexities that can arise in the evolving legal landscape surrounding hemp and marijuana. Our firm’s expertise in this area, and our ability to act swiftly and decisively, can be a key in navigating these legal challenges. If you or your business face similar legal uncertainties, consider reaching out to the law office of Mike Arnold for a consultation.

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