Personal Injury Attorney Wins Marion County Salem, Oregon Jury Trial

04.02.2009 – Oregon personal injury lawyer Michael Arnold in Salem, Oregon represented a client in a Marion County personal injury case.  This was a unique case where Mike was actually representing an uninsured defendant at the jury trial.

Mike employed his personal injury plaintiff skills of dissecting the medical records and experts, along with his trial skills from criminal defense, to defend a client being sued for causing emotional distress and personal injuries by purportedly stalking an employee at his and her government job.


Oregon lawyer Mike Arnold was able to prove that this woman essentially set up her boss by inviting advances while simultaneously complaining about them to others in private. She was basically trying to lead him on to encourage repeated contact while claiming to others that she was being sexually harassed.

Mike eviscerated the plaintiff’s expert witness, a forensic psychologist.  To prepare for the cross-examination Mike went through DSM-IV and the psychological test manuals (i.e, MMPI) to discover the inconsistencies in her symptoms and diagnoses.

Marion County Personal Injury Jury Trial

The jury trial was over the course of several days in the Marion County courthouse.  The personal injury plaintiff attempted to bring in the stalking order brought against the defendant as well as his criminal stalking conviction. Mike was able to successfully argue against against admissibility under the theory of collateral estoppel (issue preclusion).

The jury brought back a verdict in Mike’s client’s favor. It ruled that he did not cause personal injuries and emotional distress and did not cause her damages.

Personal Injury Attorney with Jury Trial Experience

Mike has tried Oregon jury trials to verdict, including motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, products liability, business torts, personal injury, death cases, etc.

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