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Our firm is led by Mike Arnold, an experienced legal expert with a passion for justice. At the helm of our dynamic team, Mike personally oversees each case from start to finish, ensuring the highest level of commitment and dedication to your legal matters. We pride ourselves on being a multifaceted group of individually experienced and skilled members who strategically approach every case we take on.

While Mike Arnold takes the lead, our team functions as a cohesive unit, blending our unique strengths and insights to provide you with a comprehensive and effective legal defense. We understand that no two cases are alike, and we are here to tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.


Mike is an Oregon attorney and entrepreneur who has a passion pursuing what conventional wisdom considers long shots or lost causes, particularly when it involves speaking truth to power. Mike is experienced in jury trials and complex criminal and civil litigation involving multiple parties and witnesses, voluminous discovery, expert witnesses, and high stakes. In 2014, Mike was listed as one of Oregon’s top trial attorneys by the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers after a selection process that included peer nominations combined with third-party research … [Read More]

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Los Angeles, Francisco “Frank” Segarra brings a unique blend of East Coast directness and West Coast charisma to his practice in Oregon. Known for his distinctive problem-solving approach, Frank’s cross-cultural perspective has earned respect and appreciation from colleagues and clients alike. Passionate about advocacy, Frank has devoted his life to fighting for the underdog and upholding the principles of justice. His journey into the legal world was marked by serving the Oakridge community as a police officer while pursuing his advanced degree. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice … [Read More]

Sean Namei

Sean Namei is a dynamic addition to the Law Office of Mike Arnold, bringing a wealth of diverse experiences to our legal team. With a clerkship at a prominent law firm, a stint as a teacher's assistant at the University of Oregon, and a legal internship in Nome, Alaska, Sean has demonstrated versatility and dedication to the field. His role as an adjunct professor at James Madison University and previous work as a campaign coordinator for the Democratic Party of Alaska further showcase his commitment to education and public service. Sean's multifaceted background reflects his passion for the law and a drive to make a positive impact. As a valuable team member, Sean's unique skill set and commitment to excellence enhance our firm's ability to provide comprehensive and effective legal services to our clients.

Michelle Pickett

Michelle Pickett brings a wealth of financial and operational expertise to the Law Office of Mike Arnold, making her an invaluable asset to our team. With a strong background in finance and accounts management, her experience as an Invoicing Analyst and an Accounts Payable Supervisor demonstrate her attention to detail, adeptness at handling complex accounts receivable tasks, her leadership skills, and ability to streamline processes through the implementation of automated solutions. Her work has played a pivotal role in managing corporate records and developing policies for internal and external stakeholders. With a background in Human Resource Management from UCLA, Michelle brings a well-rounded skill set that enhances our firm's financial operations and efficiency.

Kelly Long

Kelly Long is a seasoned legal professional with a wealth of experience in supporting attorneys and managing diverse legal responsibilities. Serving as a Legal Assistant to prominent attorneys in Eugene, Oregon she has demonstrated proficiency in wide range of legal assistance skill sets. With a solid educational foundation, including an A.S. in Office Administration/Legal Secretary Option from Lane Community College, Kelly's exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail make her an indispensable member of the Law Office of Mike Arnold team, ensuring the seamless execution of legal tasks and responsibilities.

Katelyn Walker

Katelyn Walker is a highly skilled and dedicated member of the Law Office of Mike Arnold team. With a strong educational background in Paralegal Studies, including a Technical Diploma from Madison College, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Katelyn's professional journey has seen her serve as an Intellectual Property Legal Assistant where she meticulously handled a range of responsibilities, from drafting legal documents and maintaining case records to liaising with clients and foreign counsels. Her tenure as a Guardian Ad Litem Paralegal demonstrated her commitment to clients' needs, as she managed court filings, client interviews, and case documentation. With a strong academic record and a passion for law, Katelyn is an invaluable asset to our firm, ensuring our clients receive the utmost care and attention to detail in their legal matters.

Lisa Jordan

Lisa Jordan is a highly skilled and detail-oriented legal professional, bringing extensive experience as a Legal Secretary and Legal Assistant to the Law Office of Mike Arnold. With a background in supporting attorneys in various capacities, Lisa has prepared d thousands of legal documents, managed treatment court files, and handled complex legal calendaring. Her expertise extends to assisting attorneys in trial preparation, including motions, trial binders, and exhibits. Lisa's proficiency is in in assessing potential client legal issues, summarizing information for attorneys, and maintaining confidentiality. With a strong educational foundation, including a Legal Secretary Certificate from MTI College in Sacramento, Lisa is a valuable asset to our team, ensuring meticulous document preparation, efficient communication with clients, and adherence to legal deadlines.

Michelle Buentiempo

Michelle Buentiempo holds a Master of Science in Human Relations (MBA) and a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies. With over six years of experience as a legal assistant and paralegal, Michelle is a dedicated professional who has consistently excelled in the legal field. In addition to her extensive academic qualifications, she is a Certified Notary and has served as the State of Oregon Board Education Director for the National Association for Legal Support Professionals in 2023-2024. Michelle's impressive skills include preparing legal documents, managing client communications, and facilitating real estate transactions. Her expertise and commitment make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Bobbie Risner

Bobbie Risner is a skilled and detail-oriented member of the Law Office of Mike Arnold team, with a background in legal support and administrative roles. In her role as an Agency Operations Assistant she demonstrated expertise in overseeing and managing processes, focusing on the implementation of best practices. Bobbie's proficiency lies in managing systems and coordinating with team members, ensuring efficient daily operations. With a foundation in administrative roles, Bobbie brings a wealth of organizational skills and attention to detail to our firm, contributing to the seamless execution of legal support tasks.

Kylie Holman

Kylie Holman is a versatile and dedicated member of the Law Office of Mike Arnold team, bringing a wealth of administrative experience that is invaluable in the legal field. With a strong background in Administrative Assistance she honed her organizational skills by supporting high-level executives, managing schedules, and overseeing critical administrative tasks. With a solid foundation in organization and client service, Kylie plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency and professionalism of our firm's operations.

Erica Barr

Erica Barr is a versatile and accomplished member of the Law Office of Mike Arnold. With her background as a Personal Injury Paralegal, Expungement Legal Secretary, and Office Manager Erica demonstrates exceptional organizational skills, managing case files, and streamlining procedures to increase file closures significantly. She serves as a crucial liaison, facilitating communication among all parties and handling the preparation, filing, and service of pleadings. Erica's attention to detail, communication skills, and legal assistance acumen make her an integral part of our team, ensuring efficient and client-focused operations.

Practice Philosophy – Portland, Eugene, Salem, Medford, Roseburg Attorney Litigation Practice 

Regardless of the factual, legal disputes or the location, the lawyers at our firm are trial lawyers first and foremost.  We endeavor to craft a custom battle plan that works best for each client. 

Our firm’s practice philosophy is simple: know more about the facts and law than the other lawyer, investigators, experts, and court. Hard work wins cases. Our Oregon criminal defense and family law lawyers don’t just ferry offers from the other side to their clients. They prepare every case for settlement as if it were going to trial.


Oregon Legal Practice Areas

We are trial lawyers specializing in exposing liars and protecting clients from overreach and oppression. Our attorneys travel or appear virtually across Oregon: Eugene/Lane County, Southern Oregon (Grants Pass, Medford), Salem/Marion County, Statewide 

Our practice areas include Criminal Defense (False accusations, Sentencing mitigation, Expungements, Felony reductions to misdos), Civil Litigation (Stalking protective orders, Personal injury, Real property disputes), and Commercial Litigation (business disputes)

Learn about our offerings on our Civil and Criminal Services Pages.

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