Eugene Child Support Lawyer | Spousal Support Modification

Due to problems in the economy in recent years, court battles over child support and spousal support modifications have been observed at a higher rate in Oregon. Many people are fighting these litigation cases in court without child support lawyers, which is referred to as “pro se.”

However, you should always bear in mind that support cases revolve around very serious life issues, which can have a totally negative or positive impact on your life – depending on your litigation strategy. Sometimes the change in child support or child custody can be so crucial for life that quality legal representation may become imperative for your best interests.

If you need an Oregon child support or spousal support lawyer to assist you in court, attorney Mike Arnold has the experience to assist you.

Oregon Child Support or Spousal Support Attorney

Support issues don’t just arise when people try to change or modify custody or support. These issues can also exist at earlier stages when a divorce case or custody determination case is being filed. The laws in Oregon make child support mandatory even if you are not employed. In such cases your previous wage is often presumed to be your latest income. The presumption made by the state in child custody cases is very difficult to deny or contradict. So it is imperative to fight for it efficiently from the very first day.

You can calculate what your support obligation might be based on days of parenting time each parent has by visiting the Oregon Child Support Program’s support calculator website.

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