Criminal Defense Lawyer Wins Corvallis (Benton County Oregon) Rape, Sex Abuse Dismissals

09.09.2001 – Two weeks before a Corvallis Measure 11 Rape in the First Degree trial the Benton County DA dismissed charges against Oregon criminal defense lawyer Mike Arnold’s falsely accused client. The local CBS affiliate KVAL quoted trial lawyer Mike Arnold regarding this long saga:

Attorney Mike Arnold arguing in the courtroom.

“I was appalled when we watched the recorded interview of Tyson Mann’s accuser and heard the detective at the very beginning of the video claim that he and the other investigators were ‘defense proofing’ the case. However, that wasn’t the worst of it. We watched the video until the end, and then heard one detective ask the other if there was anything else she wanted to ask the accuser. I couldn’t believe they recorded this, but the detective said, ‘Not that I want on the record.’ Then the video stopped.

“Law enforcement succeeds when it seeks the truth with an open mind. These Corvallis detectives failed Tyson Mann and failed the system by making up their minds from the beginning. They failed to challenge the accuser’s ever-changing story even in the face of contradictory statements and materially different accounts by other witnesses. Any good detective knows that guilty people are more easily convicted when a professional, unbiased investigation is conducted with an open mind. In this case, the system broke down and cost Tyson Mann his freedom and reputation. This situation has and will continue to cost him substantial financial resources to return both to him.”

Criminal defense lawyer Mike Arnold was vigilant in this investigation with pretrial subpoenas and exhaustive work for this this falsely college sexual assault investigation.

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