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Motorcycle Accident: 

Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries that can impact victims and their
families physically, emotionally, and financially. At the Law Office of Mike Arnold, our skilled motorcycle accident lawyers in Oregon provide robust legal representation to injured motorcyclists.

 Understanding Motorcycle Accidents in Oregon

In Oregon, several traffic laws specifically apply to motorcyclists, including helmet requirements (ORS 814.269), lane splitting regulations (ORS 811.345), and others. Violations of these laws could have significant implications in an accident claim.

Trial-Ready Strategy

Our team approaches each motorcycle accident case as if it will reach a courtroom trial. This approach often prompts insurance companies and opposing lawyers to offer better settlements, knowing we are prepared to fight for our clients’ rights in court.

Client-Centric Legal Assistance

Our commitment extends beyond securing compensation for our clients. We provide compassionate, comprehensive legal services, understanding the life-altering challenges motorcycle accident victims face. We prioritize your needs, rights, and interests at every stage of your case.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident in Oregon, reach out to the Law Office of Mike Arnold today. Our team of experienced lawyers is ready to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Oregon Lawyer Practice Areas

We are trial lawyers specializing in exposing liars and protecting clients from overreach and oppression. Our attorneys travel or appear virtually across Oregon:

  • Eugene/Lane County
  • Southern Oregon (Grants Pass, Medford)
  • Salem/Marion County
  • Statewide 

Our practice areas include:

  • Criminal Defense
    • false accusations
    • sentencing mitigation
    • expungements
    • felony reductions to misdos
  • Commercial Litigation (business disputes)
  • Civil Litigation
    • stalking protective orders
    • personal injury
    • real property disputes

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